Eric Hinman's Bedtime Tranquility Stack

Prime your body for a state of rest and recovery with supplements that prepare you for your next adventure

Eric Hinman

5x Ironman | CrossFit + Endurance Athlete

Eric is a Denver based Endurance Athlete (5x Ironman), content creator and social media influencer. An entrepreneur and angel investor, Eric is the co-founder of Original Grain and XO Taco and has a portfolio of angel investments in innovative companies in the fitness/wellness space such as Ten Thousand, WellWell, and Swerve Fitness.

Eric believes structuring your day is so important to success and has carefully hand-selected supplements that lend to a life filed with joy and positive energy.

With days centered around fitness, creation, outdoor adventure, entrepreneurship, community development, recovery and self-development the products recommended by Eric come as a result of his veteran career as an athlete and studying of health, nutrition and wellness.

Bedtime Tranquility Stack

Designed to empower your body for a state of rest and repair for your next adventure, the Bedtime Tranquility stack is a combination of supplements that support anti-aging, cellular repair, muscle growth and support healthy anabolic hormone production.

Pure Collagen


Pure Collagen is packed with essential nutrients and amino acids to help you look and feel your best. 

With age, the body's natural collagen production decreases, leaving less to support vital internal and external structures. 

This protein peptide supplement helps revitalize the collagen levels in your body, which may reduce the signs of aging, promote stronger joints and muscles, maintain bone density, revive hair and nails, and restore skin elasticity. Collagen is also believed to improve gut and heart health.


Max Muscle Nutrition

ZMA is an all-natural product that has been shown to increase anabolic hormone levels and muscle strength in trained athletes.

MAX ZMA is a uniquely synergistic and effective mineral formula designed to support health anabolic hormone production in conjunction with an effective exercise program.

S(9) Sirtuin Booster™ Resveratrol

High Performance Nutrition

S(9) block the aging process by attacking its' root cause. We now know that the aging process is the unwinding of the double helix structures of our DNA and the shortening of our telomeres as our cells divide.

The unwitting of the double helix exposes us to free radicals as well as the toxins and pollutants of our environment: things like food, water, and the air we breathe.

Activating sirloins with S(9) slows the cellular aging process using a function known as deacetylation, which "cleans up" the toxins, pollutants, and free radicals that accumulate on our DNA while also repairing and restructuring the double helix.

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