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In search of a better way to protein

Our journey started when we realized what whey protein powder was doing to our bodies and planet.

The ingredients lists are long, hard to pronounce, full of artificial flavors, hidden sugars, gums, fillers, and gut irretants. They all taste overly sweet and leave us feeling bloated and tired.

As we started researching, we learned livestock protein is the largest global contributor to environmental pollution. Similar to whey protein, this did not sit well with us.

That’s why we decided to reimagine protein powder to create a better way to protein.


Better ingredients

We used just 13 simple, nutrient packed ingredients and did away with the gums, fillers and added sugars that are in many other protein powders.


Better taste

We chose each ingredient to create naturally delicious flavors with smooth textures. Light and refreshing, never overly sweet or chalky.


Better for your gut

The first protein powder specifically designed to not cause bloating. Our protein blends combine the benefits of prebiotics and plant fiber to support gut health and easy digestion.


Better experience

Our protein is delivered in conveniently portioned recyclable packets. Made to help you stay healthy on-the-go.

Our sustainable packaging uses 90% less plastic than traditional plastic tubs.


Better for the planet

A new superfood that's one of the most sustainable sources of protein in the world, cricket protein. Learn about the benefits for our body and planet here.


Gluten free
Keto friendly
Paleo friendly
Organic protein
No added sugar