Feast Mode Raspberry Chipotle


Feast Mode's Raspberry Chipotle is a bold and flavorful blend of sweet raspberries and smoky chipotle peppers.

This versatile seasoning can be used to add a delicious kick to a variety of dishes, including meats, veggies, and more.

Made with high-quality ingredients, this product is perfect for anyone who loves to cook and experiment with new flavors.

Order now and take the first step towards elevating your meals.

Beet sugar, Salt, Honey, Onion, Chili Powder, Garlic, Chipotle, Cocoa, Raspberry, Cumin, Black Pepper, Oregano

Serving size 1/4 teaspoon Calories 0, Fat <1g, Sodium 68 mg, Carbohydrates <1g, Protein 0.